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Lansing, Michigan Photographer | Choosing a Newborn Photographer

Newborn safety is crucial, and it is important that you choose a photographer that will not put your newborn at risk. Safety training and practice are key to safely accomplishing the newborn photos you often see, and some poses even require a composite to be done.

During your newborn session, I am not only controlling the temperature of the room, but I’m also paying attention to your baby’s circulation, breathing, comfort level and much more. I’m also monitoring YOUR well-being! Several measures are taken to make sure your experience is enjoyable, relaxing and safe for you and your child, all while I capture your keepsake photos!

Before choosing a newborn photographer, be sure to ask these questions:

1) Have you had training to safely pose my newborn?

2) How many newborns have you photographed?

3) Will you have an assistant or use a spotter during the session?

4) How do you create the more complex newborn poses?

5) What cleaning practices do you have in place?

6) Are you insured?

7) What other safety practices do you have in place for me and my newborn?

Lansing Michigan Newborn Photographer, Newborn photographer in Lansing Michigan

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